New products
4 Most buyers prefer to order green or brown fibers for sofa,cushion. 2011/7/19 9:06:51
4 More customers are increasing their order quantity of bi-component low melting fibers with us this y 2011/7/19 9:04:49
4 our company organized the excellent employees in the year of 2010 to fly to Qingdao, China 2011/7/19 9:02:04
4 The European Commission is cancelling the anti-dumping tax about the origin of the China polyester s 2011/7/19 8:55:13
4 Our company has already developed super short polyester fiber for making Expressway. 2010/8/9 15:48:26
4 Customers highly praise the steady quality of our polyester staple fiber. 2010/8/9 15:46:11
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